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How to make curtains grow with your children? The 4 tips to consider before you order made to measure curtains.

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As I was getting ready to write this post I came across this makeover blog post from Design Sponge, which really resonated with me.

I could not agree more that creating an interior that is childish is an easy trap to fall into totally unintentionally. When speaking with our clients about made to measure children’s curtains, the conversation often begins with a desire to design curtains that will be “colourful enough”, something “special”, “unique” and/or matching other item in a bedroom.

It is totally not uncommon to have a concern about buying accessories that just won’t look sufficiently child-friendly, too grown-up or sombre. As a parent myself, I have had that concern my times, however having seen how quickly my two year old daughter has changed I feel much more reassured that my instinct is right.

Kids indeed, grow very fast and inevitably you will end up having to update their toys, accessories many times. Unlike those tiny baby all-in-ones, updating a room isn’t just a case of picking up the next size up off the shelf. It may feel a bit like a domino, ie once you change something then the rest falls into pieces.

Just like Maxwell said, “It is very refreshing to see children’s rooms that are age-appropriate, but still designed to evolve over time—ones that can cater to a child’s curiosity and still provide an open canvas on which he or she can grow and change”.

And with children’s curtains being such an integral part of a room the exact same rule applies.

So, here are my four tips on how to choose made to measure curtains’ design that will follow smoothly that principle of being age-appropriate and at the same time will remain timeless and accommodating of future updates.


Printed fabric age quicker than solid ones. Cute and adorable clouds or fairies will stop being so after looking at them daily. But it does not mean resorting to adult-style curtains. By choosing a classic design like a nautical theme or classic stripes, or even a minimalist, gender neutral design it may perhaps feel less exciting but it will be far easier to coordinate them with other room accessories.


As space will evolve-once dominated by the crib and nursing chair, it will become home to many colourful room accessories and toys. The curtains should be able to cope with more and not suddenly become yet another distractive object making the room appear cluttered or overwhelming.


If you are going for an unlined version, then remember than the sun will have an impact on the fabric-it may make it fade-careful with prints or go yellow-ish. Solid, natural fabric like linen, which is well known for its durability (talking years here) will definitely be much better and certainly the safest option would be to add a lining.


Think of the length and practicality-longer curtains may look lovely in the nursery but will they be practical enough when your child starts to walk and explore? Will you be keen to have them dry-cleaned often to keep them looking fresh and clean? Who is going to regularly volunteer to put them up and take them down without the job becoming a another chore? My view is that there is no right or wrong anwer here-this is purely comes down to your personal choice.

Over to you

Has your updating experience been an enjoyable journey or a headache? And have your curtains stood up to that transition test? Share your comments and best advice-it will be great to hear it!

If you do feel stuck, want some advice and are looking for made to measure curtains that will work in your child’s room and stand that test of time perfectly then get in touch  and we can take this journey together with ease and enjoyment.

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How to know quality of curtains for nursery? Try these 5 tips.

Quality nursery curtains

You have heard this before. Quality curtains, quality clothing, well-made, handmade, made with care or even made with love?! But how do you truly know though that the quality you are being assured of matches your standard of quality curtains?

I have certainly developed a sense of suspicion, almost a lack of trust and a sort of numbness to that phrase having heard or read about mass-produced goods that are sold at a low end of the price range.
But equally, uniqueness and a high price tag may still make you question the quality. Are you just paying for the label? You cannot be an expert in everything so you need to place your trust in others. It is sometimes truly difficult to make that judgement.

Quality curtains for a nursery are no different and the techie jargon can be quite confusing. It seems enough to get to grips will all the new terminology relating to pregnancy, birth, baby kit and here is yet another thing to get your head around.

Let me help you then…Here are my five quick tips on what is worth looking out for in quality curtains.


1. Quality curtains come from a passionate maker

Simple fact but very telling. If you are looking at online nursery curtains’ websites think about how they make you feel. Do they feel sale-y, impersonal, all about a bargain or do they actually make you feel that there is a person or a team of people behind the product who care?
When we recently worked with a client on bespoke nursery curtains for an ocean-theme nursery she commented how much she was enjoying this process. I felt we were connected creating really special curtains for her son’s nursery.


2. Quality curtains stand for order

quality curtains for nursery

Pure linen and organic cotton curtains

You will see this from looking at images. Quality curtains are not meant to be randomly creased or pleated. Just like in the garment industry, there are standards and appropriate techniques to ensure that clothing is well-fitting. The same applies to quality curtain making. Take a closer look at the curtain’s top (the techie name is header). Does it seem orderly or are the pleats of different sizes?

Randomness can be pretty if you accept it to be such but it does not stand for quality.


3. Fabric choice

There are lots and lots of different fabrics which will impact on the price, from man-made fibres like polyester to seriously luxurious silks. Knowing what a curtain is made of will be a good indicator whether the price tag is right.

Be aware of terms like “blends” as this often can be misleading. Linen blend can contain less than 10% of pure linen and still be called a linen blend. By the way, our linen blends contain 60% of linen.


4. Pattern matters

Many websites show a fabric swatch and then let you choose your measurements etc. This can make it quite hard to see how a curtain will turn out and whether it will look just as well when drawn and open and vice versa. Not every print will work. Ask, and a quality curtain maker will immediately see a valid point in this question.


5. Technicalities

Ohh.. not the boring and confusing part!

It is actually quite simple.
a. Take a look at the top (ie header). Is it nice and stiff or floppy? Floppy means that no curtain tape has been used. Avoid this!
b. Hems-can you see any stitching on the top side of the curtain? You should not! Blind-stitched hems are a must for quality curtains.
c. Can you see a line where to fabrics have been joint (to achieve a wider curtain, for instance). If you can, then they do not make a cut to be called quality curtains!

Over to you

Have you experienced this mind boggling feeling and felt you had to make a choice without much guidance? What steps did you take to help you? Share your comments below.
Or are you ahead of this journey and would like to make buying quality curtains for your lovely nursery an enjoyable and simple process knowing that you will get the right result? Click Contact Us to make an enquiry and find out if we tick your box.

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Gender neutral spring collection for a contemporary children’s room

And May has arrived..

The more generously appearing sunshine and warmer days have defnitely inspired us to create a spring collection adding a new line of valances to our product portfolio.

Shades of green and yellow are perhaps not the most typically occuring colours in children’s interiors but they can really add some great positive energy and fun and most importantly are very gender neutral.

Here are our lastest two pieces-valances. When I look at this one it immediately makes me think of the rolling hills of Devon.

Straight rod pocket linen green yellow valence curtain

Contemporary linen green valance

Whislt the one below is more a bird’s eye-view-the kind of view you get when the plane is slowing getting ready to land and you can see the earth below you as miniatures squares and lines.

Linen yellow green contemporary curtain valence

Boy girl modern yellow green straight valance

And of course, we could not have resisted creating a new curtain design using a more toned down shade of olive green combined with earthy grey and light browns with a touch of blue. Seems quite colourful on the surface but actually this is pretty chilled patchwork design which could even make it to a teen’s room.

Modern boys linen olive green curtains

Modern linen curtains teen boys

Contemporary linen teen curtains

boys room linen curtains blue green brown

And there is even a matching pillowcase…

Pure linen modern pillowcaseLR

or not so matching one…

teenage green linen bedding

Happy spring everyone! Until next time…

Spring boy’s room ideas…

The Spring is definitely here. Well… for now at least. But as I hope it will only get warmer from now on I am looking on the bright side and seeing more and more yellow and fresh juicy green appearing outside.  With that thought I set myself on a little mission to find some spring-related boys room ideas..

Althought I am not toally adverse to “boys’ blues” and girls’ pinks” I certainly personally like to find something different and even leaning more towards being gender-neutral. This time with spring firmly on my mind, I was looking for green-theme ideas for modern boys’ bedrooms with a dash of yellow for happiness, if possible.

Here are my top 5 modern spring green bedrooms:

#1 Clean, fresh with practical storage space, which also is a great wall feature not to mention this large window!

Green boys room ideas

Image source: boys green bedrooms

#2 You defnitely cannot miss those giant lego blocks. They must be both quite fun to play with but also can be used as furniture.


Image source:


#3 Black & white is “evergreen”, needless to say, and with a dash of lime green the whole space feels more cheerful and funky. Great teenager’s den.

modern green boys rooms ideas


#4 This one combines different shades of greens and creams. Classy.


teenagers' green modern bedrooms

Image source:

#5  is definitely my favourite one. I like how the bright lime green works with more earty olive green and dark brown. Bold colours and simple shapes create this very clean and modern looking bedroom. Hmm..I think this will be a perfect inspiration for a curtain design…watch the space!

Flax – a different way…


With the weather slowly turning colder, my thoughts are turning more towards some warm, comfort food..the healthy way, if possible. I thought I would share with you one of my favourite breakfast recipies, which also gets a thumbs -up from my 17-month old daughter. Pancakes featuring flax, of course…