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Custom made curtains for children. How to get them right?


This is a simple guide about making the most of your investment in kids made to measure curtains. This is not about though the obvious things, like getting the measurements right etc as there is plenty of advice out there. This is about not so obvious aspects that actually end up matter a lot…


Rule no. 1 Think of curtains as a long-term investment.

What is your approach? Are you looking at various fabric swatches considering the colour scheme you have created and what would go with that or are you taking that little step further and considering what the room will be like when, for instance your baby becomes a toddler and you will want update their room a little? Would the curtains still match your child’s decor? Or will they be suitable when your toddler starts walking and pulling them with sheer curiosity?

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Rule no. 2 Think about specifics of your child’s room.

* Space requirements

You may have considered the curtains’ measurements carefully but it is also worth thinking about other space related requirements. For instance, the eye-catching detail-tie-backs, in order to really show them off they need a certain amount of space on a wall. Worth definitely asking that questionto the kids curtain company or a curtain maker that is providing the service and they should give you an exact measurement based on the size of curtains you are ordering.



* Room light exposure

Contrary to what some may think, not every nursery will require a curtain or a blind with a blackout lining. It all depends on how much natural light gets in, i.e. how big are the windows, what side is the room facing but also what shape is the room and how far is the bed away from the window. After all, unlined curtains are without a doubt easier to care for and much lighter to handle.


* Length and style

When deciding on the length, apart from the practical aspect, you may want to think about the overall effect curtains will create. For instance, longer floor -to -ceiling curtains will always elongate the space so great for low-ceiling interiors.

Further, you can also influence the style of the curtains by choosing various headers. Some, like pencil pleat will add that feel of opulence, so probably great for larger interiors, whilst tab tops or eye lets would give you a good window coverage without too much fabric gathered to the sides of the windows, creating a sense of simplicity and uncluttered order.

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* Colours

That in itself, is a huge topic, so I shall keep it brief here for now.

Remember that darker colours will make a room appear smaller. A darker fabric may look fab when on a display in a large, airy department store but will not look the same in a smaller interior.

If you’re looking to visually enlarge the room, choosing a colour that offers less contrast with the walls as it will create a seamless transition and therefore a sense of uncluttered space.

* Fabric and pattern

This point again, could benefit from a separate post so for now I will highlight the key points.

For me one of them is definitely to do with care.  A machine washable fabric and one that may even not need ironing will be very different to the one that requires dry cleaning. This is all a matter of personal preference and the style you are after but certainly an important point worth sparing a thought over so that the practicality does not take away the joy of looking at the curtains in the long term.

As far as the pattern is concerned the main point here is that novelty fabrics may be appealing but they could be a little trickier to match well with other items.  Even more so be careful of patterns that your child (or you!) may quickly grow out of. Plain or geometric patterns have far more longevity.

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Right, that is enough curtain talk for one evening!

Comments thoughts are always welcome!