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Saturday Spotlight – Nature vs Practicality


This week’s post is all about curtains! What’s more important to you, 100% natural fabrics or the practicality of blackout linings? Can you have both?

Not for the first time, I have been asked by our clients about organic curtains and, more specifically, for an organic blackout option. Whilst some of you may wonder what the point of organic curtains is at all, given that is does not come into direct contact with the skin, we know that others keenly believe that it does matter: not only what you sleep in, or what is inside your baby’s mattress, but also what’s in the paint you put on your walls and what you decorate your windows with…

Organisations like Healthy Child really bring the issue of invisible chemicals to light and make you realise that just because something is not visible it does mean it does not exist. But, let me just pause here for a minute as the question gets more complicated when it becomes about being organic AND ticking the boxes of practicality at the same time.

“What is the problem with that?” I hear you say…“surely there is an organic blackout option, isn’t there..?”

Well, the answer is…no, there is not. And I would love for you to challenge this statement, if you can. Without going into the details of how a blackout lining is made and what gives it that quality of blocking out light, the bad news is that no 100% natural, organic fabric will give you the darkness you are looking for to easily settle your little ones to sleep (unless of course you decided to have several layers of fabric, which is something I would not consider totally practical).

This matter reminds me a little of my own dilemma of using disposable vs reusable nappies. Both have advantages that are worthy considering. And I have been personally seen using both.

There’s no doubt that I prefer totally natural solutions and if you feel the same way then DottyStripes can offer you 100% organic cotton linings for your curtains.

But I also like to challenge the status quo so therefore my quest for a more practical solution continues… I’ll keep you updated on that…