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Saturday Spotlight – Second-hand style


Second-hand doesn’t have to mean second-rate! Here are few of the reasons Cathy from DottyStripes likes buying pre-loved items for herself and others…

Whether I’m watching my pennies or seeking vintage style, I love diving into charity shops and thrift stalls. Some of my happiest weekends have been spent with my friends, hunting down London’s latest and best fairs, markets and pop-up shops, honing my haggling skills and grabbing a few beautiful bargains in the process.

It’s not just great for grown-ups, though – you can save your pocket and the planet by buying second-hand clothes and toys for your kids, too! Inspired by The Eco Mum’s blog post on this very topic, I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons I’m thrilled to be thrifty!

  • Pre-loved clothes are often incredibly sturdy. Think about it – they’ve already given someone else years of use (okay, or months of use for kids’ items), and they’re still in great condition (otherwise they wouldn’t be for sale!).
  • Along with being sturdy, clothes and fabrics are usually softer. They’ve had all of the chemicals washed out of them, so will be kinder to your skin and that of babies and children.
  • You can share toys and books from your own childhood with children today – some of them were just better, okay (80s-style My Little Pony, anyone?)?!
  • It’s cheap! Particularly for children, who can grow out of clothes in a few weeks (my mum swears I went through jeans in a matter of days), and who usually aren’t bothered if all of their clothes are brand new…
  • For adults, it’s a great way to try out a new style without investing too much. Want to try nautical stripes? Always fancied buying a hat but aren’t sure you’d wear one? Have a trial run with thrifty finds – you’ll often find items more authentic than on the high street (my favourite ankle boots are market-bought 60s originals, and were a total bargain!)
  • The classic reduce, reuse, recyle – if you’re buying second-hand items, you’re sending less to landfill, which can only be a good thing.

So the next time you’re passing a charity shop, vintage market or thrift fair, why not dive in and see what you can find? Let me know how you get on!

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PS – Yes, the photos in this post are from the shop featured in the last Saturday Spotlight! JELLY is just such a lovely place, I had to share these with you!