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Saturday Spotlight – Taking the heat off with linen


Summer’s here, with its long hot days and sultry nights. But how can we cope with nights that more sweaty than sultry? Ania has a top tip…

Even for those of us who have a high threshold of temperature tolerance, I think this week has proven that summer is definitely here in the UK. And I love it… it’s such a great feeling to be able to enjoy all those summer-y things like the beach, ice-cream, making sure that my sunglasses are always in my handbag, enjoying the fresh warm air in the mornings and evenings without having to put on extra layers. Summer and sunshine really do bring out my happy side.

But I do know that those summer times can get a bit much, especially when you hope to get a good night’s sleep without feeling that you are cooking even when you have a thin layer over you. You would think that a light tog duvet or even nice cotton – Egyptian, if we want to talk quality – sheets should do the job. But what if they don’t? What is the reason for this?

The simple answer relates to the structure of fibres that make up the fabric and their moisture-wicking properties.

Linen has been described by many resources to be able to hold more moisture than cotton or wool before it feels damp and unpleasant to the skin. To be more specific, when linen fabric comes into contact with the skin, the nodes along the length of the fibre absorb the perspiration, then swell and wick the moisture away avoiding this unpleasant feeling of feeling “hot and sweaty”. Simple yet effective. It seems to work for my daughter….as per below

Good night!